Affine is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Engineering consulting and solutions firm. Affine offers capabilities across the analytical value chain from data engineering and cloud-based implementations to analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence, to tackle day-to-day & strategic business challenges across multiple verticals & business functions in Gaming, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech & CPG industries.

For over 45 Fortune 500 Global Corporations across the US, APAC, and India that benefit from their cutting-edge solutions, their proud workforce of 500+ data scientists, data engineers, cloud engineers, and analytical leaders empower customers to take proactive actions through impeccable technology-based development & business acumen.

Affine aims to bring about the evolution of business decision-making by adopting the ‘new’ in decision science and technology. Affine has believed in staying at the bleeding edge of decision science through a culture of celebrating excellence, continuous learning, and customer orientation.

With the hyper-convergence of AI, Data Engineering, and Cloud, Affine enables their customers to becomes game-changers to ‘Command the New’ in their respective market landscapes.


THE AFFINE WAY is the summary of evolution, via the rewarding route of solving business problems. Evolving from the freshmen approach of ‘a random walk in the park’ to a nuanced ‘well-defined journey’ working alongside some the brightest minds at our clients organizations has led to solving issues, succeeding and having some of our own misses amongst all the attempts too. Each project has made our own understanding of analytics richer and more extensive. The Affine Way captures the quintessence of our deliberations with clients, mentors and analysts- who are the true practitioners of what we have discovered.


The Soul of Affine Way highlights the core components that all analytical frameworks should have. Each necessary ingredient essentially has its genesis in certain realities – bound by business, data and technology constraints.


The journey towards the optimal solution. It doesn’t happen in silos but needs investment in People, Knowledge, and Processes.


Hiring for right aptitude, acumen & attitude. Right nurturing to grow. Right facilitation to perform.


Individual, organizational and client-specific learning. Collective pool of concepts & empirical knowledge. An Academic Connect: Collaboration with IIT Bhubaneshwar.


A unique blend of discipline & flexibility. In-house developed A5 process Framework for analytical solution delivery



We help our client understand what needs to be discerned and also help them reach that point, again and again, more effectively and efficiently each time.


With our commitment firmly being long term ROI, we help our clients become analytically self-sufficient not only from a data and systems point of view but more importantly from an analytics thinking point of view.


We help the client improve their analytics readiness from data, infrastructure to consumption. Learnings from each project leave our client partners richer in their understanding of their data and its interplay with their business outcomes.

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