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Artificial Intelligence has grown from being a buzzword into an integral necessity around the globe over the past decade. Powerful machines capable of intelligently executing processes in a faster and more dependable way than their human counterparts… Affine’s AI COE focuses on research and development of AI based solutions to solve your toughest problems – analytics or otherwise….


Although, concept of AI has been around for over half a century, it was the culmination of four major streams that led to the current AI hype
Computation Power

GPUs, GPU on Cloud, intra-firewall and edge-based systems have made computation power readily available and much less expensive

Democratization of Data

Ready to use training datasets democratized enabling data scientists. E.g. MNIST, ImageNet, WordNet

Transfer learning models

Sharing of ready to use and easily enhance-able content to address cold start problems in AI adoption – VGGNet and Res Net

Democratization of Platforms

Ready to use rich Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning algorithms – TensorFlow, Pytorch, Caffe, Theano and so on…

artificial intelligence system

The center has been working on development of vision-based solutions recognizing objects, classifying them and annotating them, thus transforming pictures and videos into structured tabularized data that can aid plethora of analyses and applications


Cognitive computing models pioneered by Affine will help identify indicators of known and unknown risks. Robust and accurate fraud detection early-warning systems, tapping unstructured information, trace specific information impacting performance and compliance, investment decision making, evaluating risks of counter parties are our prospective offerings.


A new form of machine learning integrating spatial sciences and AI. We can help gather critical data about people, location-related sensitive issues, environment-related problems, traffic, potholes, air-pollution, correct routing via automated map-readers for reaching places-the scope is endless.

Smart City

Cities with an eye on the future are quickly bringing in AI to make themselves green, clean and even, healthy. Our solutions can help with a varied progress-map: Better connected cities, managing traffic gridlocks, faster accessibility, enhancing pedestrian safety, predicting accidents, better parking, law enforcement, smart-lighting plans-Affine is creating amazing blueprints for better urban governance.

Quality Management & Assurance

We plan to help create strong and compliant processes which are auditable and improvement-oriented throughout the production to consumption life-cycle. Identifying product parameters, predicting defects, building test-case optimized models, models to evaluating customer-related data of huge volume and significant diversity for gauging satisfaction. Our service offering also includes sentiment analysis, decision tree making and predictive quality checks.

Demand Planning

Supply chains can be strengthened by aligning to AI for creating more efficient demand management frameworks. Data Cleansing, normalizing past requirements and predicting demands, classifying stock-keeping units (SKUs),forecasting over thinner time-scales like weeks and days or even hours, sales order placement patterns and leading market-basket and declining sales analysis can improve demand planning on an unprecedented scale.

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Machines that can understand, reproduce and summarize the unlimited amount of textual information is the dream of any data scientist. The AICoE has developed many neural network based models to structure textual information and drive actions from them


Our intelligent search interface brings you transformative clarity via a specific -context approach removing ambiguity from search queries. This gives you crystal clear and directive responses. Our interface understands your intent, your search patterns and grows with you, even breaking down semantic equivalents. The benefits envisaged are huge.

Operational Efficiency

Highly customizable and impactful, our efficient Language Processing solutions will ensure your customers, employees and stakeholders get relevant, ready-to-use insights improving processes, reducing unproductive time, enabling huge cost-savings potentially, safeguarding against data breaches and fraud. Customer experience increases dramatically and so does your bottom-line.

Brand management and Marketing

Exploit existing purchase data and reengineer customer sentiment to market smart. We help you get a serious, competitive edge in your market by ad targeting, personalized content, combine user requirements and patterns in purchase history for better brand management and optimum CPA ( Cost Per Acquisition) segregating by product mix- one campaign, one region, one channel at a time ,or in a comprehensive, holistic manner.

Customer Support

Our AI-powered solutions can transform your customer’s interaction with your company. Online customer experience, loyalty, brand reputation, preventive assistance are quick-impact metrics. We aim to improve Identification of customer issues, complaint-resolution, defining customer behavior patterns, proactive alerts, creating personalized offers, minimize abandonment and create a high-sat customer experience through our dynamic solutions.

Speech Recognition enables recognition and translation of spoken language using real-time or recorded audio. Speech, in contrast to speech transcripts, has information encoded such as tonality, variation of vocal aspects such as pitch and volume that is indicative of the speaker’s emotion, not captured in transcripts. At Affine, we are leveraging the speech data of our customers’ in the Customer Service domain, to help them understand the emotions of their customers better and we are developing technology can be used to improve the overall customer experience. This technology is also used in the development of speech bots where a user can interact with a computer just by talking. We see a huge potential in Speech Recognition Systems as it has already established a strong foothold in the field of Education, control systems, home automation, etc. where Affine aims to spread it’s Speech Recognition capabilities.

At Affine, we are developing systems capable of detecting traffic violations such as parking violation, one-way violations, riding without helmets, etc. using deep learning techniques such as Object Detection and Localization. This helps in real-time monitoring and real-time traffic management that can be deployed at scale. This technology is also used by Affine to monitor the health of it’s customer’s machinery such as wind turbines to predict failure events and maximize throughput of manufacturing processes by optimizing the machine parameters during production. Affine is helping it’s customers in the manufacturing space to seamlessly transition from existing processes to  comply with the Industry 4.0 standards.

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