75% of the U.S. Supply Chain is Disrupted due to Covid-19 Outbreak

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, how prepared are you to deal with the short-term challenges?
Tough times call for tough decision making; have you planned ways to overcome this complex situation yet?


Affine’s Sales Analytics is a comprehensive analytical solution that provides real time, fact-based insight into the entire sales process. It provides new levels of information richness, usability, and reach to sales professionals throughout the enterprise. Our solutions in Sales analytics are Territory alignment,Incentive optimization and Lead management.

Affine’s Territory Alignment Optimization Engine has models that can assign the right teams to the right territories to meet sales targets while keeping in mind the territory potential.


Sales team deployment in a territory (geographic or otherwise) needs to match the ability of the team and the sales potential of the territory.


Territory alignment helps in better assignment of sales force to harness potential of areas aligning with national and regional goals. Sales teams receive a fair territory with respect to effort required and their sales potential. Also, improved customer coverage will result in more satisfied customers.

We can enable businesses to drive desirable behaviour among their sales representatives by devising a fair and transparent incentive payout plan.


Incentive compensation plans need to be designed to promote desired behaviour among sales associates and meeting the financial targets. Also, the payout needs to be done in a fair and transparent manner.


Incentive optimization leads to higher sales due to better motivation of sales associates. It also boosts their morale because of a sense of fairness in achievements and payouts, which leads to higher performance.

Given limited sales team size and plentiful leads in the database purchased from third party vendors, Affine’s statistical expertise can help prioritize the easier to convert and higher business volume leads for sales.


Sales leads need to be pursued efficiently to gain maximum business with minimal effort. Also, the prioritization should be aligned with the incentive compensation plan for the sales associates.


Efficient lead management results in higher conversion rates due to prioritizing right targets with the right messages/products/offers. The priority grids based on expected lifetime value of leads ensures continued business growth.

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