With the rise of digital distribution, publishers and console vendors have created dedicated platforms offering centralized services to purchase games and interact with other players. Affine’s Applied Data Analytics solutions facilitate analysis of consumer behavior across game and enable improved understanding of the gaming community.


Publishers can discover new ways to market the games through better audience segmentation and can improve player retention by constantly improving the game by using a powerful data analytics platform. Affine’s analytical offerings help improve efficiency across various marketing activities such as Campaign Analysis and Content Strategy.

To understand the challenges associated with balancing where and how to spend, you need to determine your business drivers. Affine’s Market Mix modeling enables the stakeholders across business segments to plan, collaborate, and execute a seamless marketing strategy.


Marketing mix solutions measure is an indispensable advanced technique to assist companies in optimizing the allocation of the budget to different platforms. Besides, it also helps to measure the efficiency and ROI for different types of marketing spend on every product in the market.


MMM Provides continuous and actionable insights to the client regarding their marketing spend performance across different media channels. Optimize the spending for future to achieve required ROIs.

Affine’s purchase recommendation and customer segmentation models help the business understand the best methods to keep each customer continually engaged while minimizing cost of promotions.


Post customer acquisition, there comes the need to maximize customer engagement. Answers to the question below can help engaging with the customer better- What products to be sold to a customer? To whom should the product be sold? When should the product be sold? And How should the product be sold?


Effective customer engagement leads to higher customer retention with lower opt-outs and un-subscriptions. It helps in developing niche marketing capabilities and improved interaction with customer and higher brand awareness amongst them.

Proactively retaining customers, who are likely to churn, is as critical as gaining new customers. We can help businesses determine the likely fallouts and the best way to win them back.


In order to retain the existing customer base, it becomes important to keep the track of the following -Who is likely to attrite? Which of the customers that are likely to attrite are valuable customers? What kind of promotions are needed to retain them?


Effective customer retention helps in improved profitability by identifying and targeting the highest value customers. It also helps to identify the profitability drivers and factors that change customer behaviour and help in higher retention.

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