Are your marketing teams having a hard time predicting sales numbers before the launch of your video game?

Leverage this structured data-driven solution framework to help your teams gather data and identify key-metrics for predicting video game sales pre-launch more accurately.

Identifying key metrics to predict sales before a video game launch could be a daunting challenge for many organizations given the preparations that must be made to plan, deploy, and ensure your approach is hassle-free and result oriented. The proposed solution framework in this whitepaper can be used to determine the most important variables throughout the process and is a forward-facing approach to solving business problems effectively.

The Problem

Game development and design teams work extensively towards analyzing metrics for improving gamers’ experience but may often fall short of knowing how the key metrics contribute to sales before a game is released in the market. Thus, for gaming companies, identifying key metrics to predict sales before video game launches could pose several challenges:
Lack of consensus
Differences in reporting structures within the organization
Time constraints
Unavailability of insights to steer vital decisions

The Solution

In this whitepaper, we discuss how marketing executives can identify the statistically significant predictor of sales and move beyond merely determining the important predictors to pointing to the weeks in which the variables stay significant. This solution can help marketing executives:
Smoothly collect data from different teams
Identify and monitor key metrics
Timely track reports
Effectively tie the contribution of key metrics to sales

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