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Recognitions that inspire us to keep getting better.

Awards & Recognitions


Testing ourselves against the toughest global benchmarks.

Innovative solutions to solve Bengaluru’s traffic conundrum


Roman number image classification using data centric AI approach given a fixed model

7/1480 (Top 1 Percentile)

Microsoft AI challenge – Bing search engine optimization

35/5000 (Top 1 Percentile)


Supervised Recipe Food Image Classification Rakuten

2/2655 (Top 1 Percentile)

Created a self-aware risk profile

35/5000 (Top 1 Percentile)

Worked on complaint status tracking and clustering financial articles

47/5590 (Top 1 Percentile)


Badges that motivate us to innovate relentlessly.​

AI Gamechangers Award 2022 for AWS based AI solution


Top AI & Analytics Providers

Vedanta Spark – Global Innovation & Ventures Program 2021


Resembles when things work together harmoniously.

Manas Agrawal

CEO & Co-Founder

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