Price Optimization

Maximize Your Profits with Advanced AI-Powered Price Optimization:
Discover the secret to unparalleled sales growth and customer loyalty.

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Our Retail Offerings

Supply Chain Operations

Revolutionize Your Supply Chain with AI. Elevate your supply chain to new heights. Our AI solutions offer more than demand forecasting and inventory optimization; they predict disruptions and enforce supplier accountability, safeguarding your brand’s reputation.


Transform Your Marketing with AI Insights. Harness the power of AI to fuel your marketing strategies. Our tools use machine learning to create hyper-personalized campaigns, ensuring each dollar spent maximizes ROI and strengthens customer connections.


Redefine Customer Relationships with AI-Enhanced CRM. Our AI-infused CRM tools go beyond managing customer data. They predict customer needs, fostering deep loyalty and engagement through personalized interactions and tailored loyalty programs.


Elevate Your Merchandising with AI-Driven Insights. Harness AI to fine-tune your product mix and pricing, aligning inventory with market demand and cost-effectiveness. Our approach ensures optimal product placement and pricing for maximum appeal and profitability.


Streamline Procurement with AI-Enhanced Efficiency. Step into the future of procurement with our AI solutions. Our technology streamlines invoice processing and transforms unstructured data into insights, enabling strategic focus and smarter purchasing decisions.

Service Areas

Market Spend optimization

Optimize Your Marketing Budget with Precision. Unlock the full potential of your marketing spend. Our Market Spend Optimization empowers you to allocate your budget effectively, ensuring optimal brand alignment and maximum conversion on every investment.

Campaign Management

High-ROI Campaign Management Tailored to Your Goals. Elevate your campaigns with our bespoke software, designed to meet your unique data and objectives. From enhancing online engagement to boosting offline loyalty, our solution is a game-changer in competitive markets.

Digital Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing Analytics for Revenue Growth. Leverage cutting-edge analytics to engage customers and drive revenue to boost your digital marketing. Our tools provide real-time insights, enabling precise performance tracking and informed decisions, vital for enhancing traffic, leads, and sales.

Learn more about Affine at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show

How is Generative AI Impacting the Retail Industry?

Enhanced Customer Engagement

AI is creating a more connected retail experience. By deploying AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants, retailers are crafting a new era of customer service – personalized, efficient, and remarkably intuitive. These AI tools learn customer preferences, offering tailored product suggestions that elevate the shopping journey, boost brand loyalty, and increase conversion rates.


Generative AI allows businesses to analyze massive amounts of customer data to create tailored experiences that match individual preferences. From suggesting products based on browsing history to generating personalized marketing content, Generative AI ensures that every customer interaction feels unique. This level of personalization not only drives sales but also fosters a deeper connection between the customer and the Brand.

Visual Merchandising and Design

Generative AI leverages data to meticulously optimize store layouts, window displays, and product arrangements for maximum visual impact and customer engagement. By deeply understanding store dynamics and product interactions, AI provides strategic design recommendations, enriching the shopping atmosphere and strengthening brand value.

Redefining Inventory Management

Predictive analytics is used for seamless operations and strategic inventory control to forecast demand and optimize stock levels, reducing costs and ensuring inventory availability. It also conducts proactive analysis of equipment performance in storage and distribution, mitigating unexpected downtime and maintaining smooth supply chain operations.

Leading Retail Companies are leveraging our AI capabilities with assured success rate.
Now it’s Your Turn!

Leading Retail Companies are leveraging our AI capabilities with assured success rate.
Now it’s Your Turn!

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 Great! Let's continue the conversation with our Decision Science experts.

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