Connected Factory as a Service helps better control of OPEX

In this paper, we will discuss only the decision enablement through these components and how the entire solution can be offered as a service so that the IIoT project becomes RoI positive within the first year itself.

SKU Rationalization

Category Managers are charged with the challenge of using limited space and cost to carry, display and promote the entire portfolio of products that the customers may need. Affine talks in detail about a holistic multi-level approach to decide which SKUs should be retained in your portfolio to ensure optimal returns.

Business Impacts of Covid-19 on Production & Manufacturing

By analyzing different viral phases in key markets & determining the efficacy of quarantine measures, business leaders can predict the spread of coronavirus and better adapt to the changing market. SEIRD model explained in this whitepaper reveals real-time worldwide projections for perspective on the evolving situations and their implications.

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Manas Agrawal

CEO & Co-Founder

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