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Deploying AI to Automate Defect Detection in discrete product manufacturing

Streamlined product defect detection processes using AI and acheived success rate of 99%
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Affine enabled automated & real-time quality control process for a Fortune 100 CPG company using AI & Computer Vision driven Defect Detection engine for discrete manufacturing.

A leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) client wanted to implement an automated defect detection solution in real time for discrete production line runs, enabling a reduction in manual interventions & cost while increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the process.


Our decision science experts and engineering team developed the AI-powered engine to automate the defect detection process and achieved a success rate of 99%. Watch the video below to know how our proposed solution works:

Impact Numbers

99% accurate identification of defects

80% reduction in manpower required for QA process

8x increase in the number of discrete products QC’ed daily

Extremely reliable results

Defect detection solution for a Fortune 100 CPG company

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Big batch products sizes Vs. Manual quality control

How to deal with it?

Knowing if your product is defect-free before you ship it to your customers can help avoid costly manufacturing and customer service problems. AI-powered Automated Defect Detection, which is a recommended solution; in this case, uses Deep Learning techniques to identify even the tiniest of defects during the manufacturing process, both discrete & process and enables CPG companies to automate quality control processes.


In the case detailed here, Affine deployed an AI engine to automate Defect Detection solutions for CPG clients, which helped them achieve a 99% success rate. This project was one of the biggest and boldest; end-to-end production implementations in Manufacturing 4.0, and we wanted to share our success story with you. Download the case study below for more details.

Leading CPG Companies are leveraging our AI capabilities with assured success rate.
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