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Affine’s Flair Back Returnship Program supports women pursuing their passion for work through structured onboarding, focused mentoring, flexible work options, and on-the-job training. A launch pad to your journey back, Flair Back restores power in the hands of professionals, reimagining diversity in experience and commitment to career goals.

I’ve been adding value to Affine from the moment I returned to work. Thank you for helping me find my flair again.

Ujjwala Singh, Specialist, HR

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Affine Returnship 2022

Flair Back is a paid six-month, full-time professional commitment designed to address concerns and close gaps in specific skill sets with flexible work options that allow you to follow your passion anywhere in the world.

As a participant with a minimum one year of relevant work experience, you will:

Leverage Affine’s resources with leadership development, support and mentorship from members dedicated to the program.

Learn & explore your passion with a diverse community data science enthusiast for six months post-interview selection.

Engage in sessions that create seamless transitions back to work. Build your confidence with a full-time work transition.

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