Introducing Our Generative AI Product Suite GeneraX

Introducing Our Generative AI Product Suite Embeddings

GeneraX - Affine's Realm of Generative AI Capability

We have built our reputation on delivering high-quality, innovative, and enterprise-level solutions. Our advanced AI product development experience has helped us take a step forward in the realm of Generative AI. As a result, we are introducing enterprise-level SaaS products in the form of GeneraX – Our Generative AI Product Suite. The GPT and Dall-E APIs have helped us speed up development, give wider scope and convert the boutique solutions we pride ourselves on into plug-and-play products.

Our Generative AI Products

Powered by stable diffusion and Transformer model.


Convert your product ideas to marketing-ready creatives.

Seize the opportunity to be the
early adopter of Generative AI

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Manas Agrawal

CEO & Co-Founder

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