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Affine’s Studio Solutions

A gamer’s experience is pivotal to a gaming organization’s success. A studio is responsible for ensuring that all key elements of a riveting game are present. Affine accomplishes this goal by providing in-game insight solutions through a multi-dimensional data model. This model implements analytical solutions, which allow for tracking in-game player statistics, gameplay enhancement recommendations, gamer matchmaking, and cheat detection. With these solutions, Affine delivers cognitive transformation that is agile and responsive to evolving gaming studio needs.


Almost half of the gaming studios worldwide work on VR/AR games. Affine achieves scalable results by converting technical minutiae into profitable tools, such as impressive graphic engineering, striking UI/UX design, robust cloud services, and other customizable high-tech instruments.

Affine’s Gamer Lifecycle Management Solutions contribute to every part of a gamer’s journey. With the aim to rejuvenate a sense of discovery and wonder, our creative strategies cater to transforming the gaming experience.


    Multi gamer online games are a breeding ground for cheating and bypassing game protocols. Gamers with access to cheat codes found in the crevices of the darknets can ruin the gaming experience for genuine players. Affine’s Game Boosting Solution, developed by Machine Learning models, can analyze gamers who use unfair means to manipulate loopholes and boost their scores. Identifying fraudulent behaviour based on In-game telemetry and session data is the only way to keep cheating efforts at bay.


      Affine fortifies gamer satisfaction through short loading times, consistent framerates, and seamless input feedback. The Feature Tuning Solutions trigger engine-specific changes for enhanced multithreading performance.


        Post Launch Support is as crucial as pre-launch setting up. Affine’s LiveOps commands in this realm through gameplay enhancements that include self-discoveries and learning to maximize player retention


          Affine executes interactive gaming dashboards that delineate the linkages in the web of acquisitions, retentions, and monetization. These dashboards can accelerate a game’s growth through a centralized marketing datastore.

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