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Solution Offerings

Quality Management Solutions

  • Defect detection using cognitive techniques

  • Anomaly detection

  • Process parameter prediction

Predictive Maintenance

  • Failure prediction

  • Remaining Useful Line forecasting

  • Health monitoring

Production Optimization

  • Raw material optimization

  • Process optimization

  • Energy optimization

  • Scrap reduction

Supply Chain Optimization

  • Demand planning

  • Demand forecasting

  • Route optimization

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Service Areas


Data Integration

Data as a Service

Resources that help us beyond what we did.



Usage of Ensemble Time Series Models based on Dynamic Proportional Weighting on High Variance and Shallow Datasets.


Demystifying Industry 4.0


DBDS Implementation by Affine


Computer Vision for Defect Detection by Affine


AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance Solution for Monitoring Wind Turbines


Manufacturing Analytics


Assessing Top 5 Challenges of Implementing Industry 4.0!


Coal Blend Optimization


Usher in Quality 4.0 With Digital Quality Management System


Streamlining F&B Product Portfolio With Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization


Changing Business Requirements In Demand Forecasting


Business Impacts of Covid-19 on Production & Manufacturing


Industry Focus Solution

Connected Factory as A Service Helps Better Control Of OPEX

The concept of how wireless sensors/IT/OT/mobility convergence is addressing some of the challenges in the digital domain while reducing the OPEX and circumventing major technology turnover.

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