Affine Analytics: Serving Big Data with a Difference

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Published on : CIO Review India Magazine, September 2013 (Source)

Data tells its own story- seldom does the story align with what the organizations want to hear. Data puts forth a trend and a pattern that we need to extract from the number marquee. Taking on this data deluge is Affine Analytics, a provider of high-end analytics services, who is creating verticalized big data analytics applications that will accelerate the delivery of solutions and save upto 60 percent in delivery time while increasing the solution accuracy for their customers. The company offers analytics solutions to a diverse set of functions for retail, e-Commerce, banking and telecom sector.

“We believe that algorithms need to be interpreted to bring out the details that are pertinent to the business. As a technology forward organization, we are constantly investing and upgrading the skills to be able to support the ever growing complexities of our clients businesses,” says ManasAgrawal, Co-Founder & CEO, Affine Analytics.

Affine focuses on actionable and measurable decision support systems, built on heavy duty analysis and developed efficiently leveraging the right technology components. These recommendations are built on the client’s knowledge of business, data analysis coupled with the team’s experience. The company’s big data based platforms deploy state-of-the-art algorithms used by the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

A strong understanding of business, the ability to translate the data based on the requirements and a team with a mix of seasoned professionals who are able to add strong dynamics to data to provide hands-on support to Affine over other players in the space. Believing firmly that unstructured data endows more information than structured data, the company has made two strategic developments – investments into big data and development of two productized service offerings that they will release shortly for telecom and e-Commerce.

Serving two geographies – the U.S. and India, Affine has intricately carved their focus to continue developing higher end solutions using machine learning, big data, SNA for the U.S. market and for the Indian market their focus is on creating business applications with ROI – the low hanging fruits.

With strong customer base, even better pipeline and a strong product roadmap, Affine Analytics strives to move into the $20 million run rate bracket by the end of fiscal year 2014 with around 40 percent revenue coming from productized services. They plan to infuse additional revenue through funding to bring in a number of disruptive analytics applications to serve the market.

Manas Agrawal

CEO & Co-Founder

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