The Fisher Center for Business Analytics at UC Berkeley and Affine reinforce their commitment to AI-driven transformation for the gaming, media & entertainment industries


24 February 2022 | 4 Min read

January 28, 2022 | BERKELEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)

The Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley in partnership with Affine announced that they are co-hosting a virtual symposium “How AI is transforming gaming, media & entertainment,” scheduled for February 24, 2022. Notable leaders like

  • Rafael Brown, studio head and co-founder of Entertainment XR with over 25 years of experience in the video game industry
  • Colum Slevin, Senior Director, Electronic Arts, with 23-year gaming pedigree with previous experiences in LucasFilm, Telltale Games, Oculus and Facebook
  • Nitin Mittal, President of Zee Entertainment, with over 2 decades of track record in data, analytics and cloud solutions

will come together to discuss how Artificial intelligence (AI) can help empower media organizations with insights into consumer behavior.

For gaming, entertainment and media consumers, there has never been a better time. World’s biggest gaming and media brands are vying for their attention and time, posing serious challenges for media organizations as they struggle to understand content consumption patterns among their viewers and strive to keep up. AI provides much-needed intel as these organizations move towards the world of the metaverse and look to produce exciting content. In the last decade, most media organizations have already undergone significant digital transformation and are preparing themselves for metaverse, which will make the virtual world real for users.


Defining the technology-led future of media and entertainment

Speaking on the announcement of this event, Gauthier Vasseur, FCBA Executive Director, said, “As the Media & Entertainment sector moves towards digitization, there are many questions faced by content creators, gaming, and media organizations. They want to understand the role of data and analytics as they dabble with AI. Ethics and privacy are set to become part of the future foundations of the metaverse. Media and technology sectors must work hand in hand to ensure a rapid yet sustainable transformation. We look forward to hosting some of the most significant voices in technology and media at our event, to begin these discussions in the early stages of Digital Transformation in the Metaverse age.”

“AI will write the future of consumer engagement in the media & entertainment sector. Metaverse poses an exciting potential for entertainment and gaming. We believe that the event will provide ample opportunity for media and technology organizations to find synergies and start defining the future of Gaming, Media and Entertainment for the coming decade,” said Manas Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Affine.

Saurabh Tandon, board member and president for the Americas at Affine, said, “With the onset of the Metaverse and all-pervasive AI, the media and entertainment industry is set for a complete transformation, from gaming in the metaverse to deep data and insight-led content production. For these changes to be sustainable for business, media and technology organizations must join hands and chart out a future roadmap.”

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About Fisher Center for Business Analytics:

The Fisher Center advances the creation of business value from data science to support innovative leaders. It conducts research, coordinates diffusion and adoption of analytics in all aspects of business and management. The Fisher Center is home to the Alliance for Inclusive Artificial Intelligence, launched in 2019.

Business-driven analytics, supported by open-minded teams and powered by advanced and rigorous approaches, has become a competitive advantage for individuals and organizations. The Center believes in challenging the status quo, building inclusive intelligence, and taking never-ending learning journeys.


About Affine:

Affine is a leading professional services & solutions firm, enabling global enterprises to affect their transformation & innovation, leveraging AI, DE & cloud. Affine covers end-to-end capabilities spanning modern data-engineering to core AI and scalable cloud deployment across North America, Europe and Asia.

Affine combines the hyper-convergence of AI, data engineering & cloud with deep industry knowledge, in manufacturing, gaming, CPG and technology. Affine demonstrates thought leadership in all relevant knowledge vectors by investing in research through its highly acknowledged centers of excellence and strong academia relationships with reputable institutions.

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