Player 360 degree Segmentation & Profiling solution powered by AWS AI-ML

Player 360 degree Segmentation & Profiling solution powered by AWS AI-ML

An intuitive solution to generate player profiles based on explicit & implicit attributes to create taste clusters, gauge product affinity and purchase propensity of the user base & control the overall Churn. Accurately optimize, quantify and ascertain the effectiveness, and budget of the Marketing strategies to ensure enhanced planning and estimation of personalized player strategies to improve In-game player spend and increase the overall ROI across functions.


  • Accurate Player Profiles: The solution uses AWS AI/ML services to generate player profiles based on both explicit and implicit attributes, providing a comprehensive view of players’ preferences and purchasing behavior.


  • Personalized Marketing Content: The solution helps Gaming companies identify players’ product affinities and send personalized marketing messages and offers. Achieve enhanced engagement and effective recommendations, thereby optimizing revenue.


  • Reduced Churn: By identifying players at risk of churn and providing personalized marketing content, the solution helps gaming companies retain their players and reduce churn.




We truly believe in the power of data and transform the way marketers and advertisers interact with their customer base. Learn more, talk to our experts!

Manas Agrawal

CEO & Co-Founder

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