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Intelligent route optimization.

“Supply chain disruptions cost the average organization 45% of one year’s profits over the course of a decade.” How can businesses manage risk and plan for a more resilient future?

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Success Story


Allocation & Scheduling For A F100 Logistics Company base in the US

Measurable Impact:
50% Reduction in cost by fuel savings & lower truck maintenance cost

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Success Story


Demand Forecasting Engine for Leading Sportswear Brand

Measurable Impact:
Increase in forecasting accuracy from existing 60-65% to 85-90%

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Success Story

Food & Beverages

Fleet Domicile Allocation & Route Optimization

Measurable Impact:
Reduced total freight cost across the supply chain network by 60%

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Price Optimization


Predictive Maintenance to prevent product breakdown for Technology Giant


Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Competitive Advantage Across FMCG Value Chain


Optimizing Inventory with the Power of AI


Demand Forecasting Accuracy with AI & ML


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