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"Generative AI is a set of AI Technologies, methodologies, algorithms, and applications made on top of it." Says Manas Agrawal, CEO and Co-founder at Affine. He further shared his thoughts on what's under the hood of Generative AI and how an enterprise or an individual can leverage its power to save time and maximize workflow productivity.
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"At Affine, we have always taken pride in commanding the new. Whatever new is available or about to become available, we make sure that we learn it deeply enough." Says Manas Agrawal, CEO and Co-founder at Affine. Get ready to revolutionize your workflow with the extraordinary power of Generative AI.
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"Generative AI is the future of AI," says Manas Agrawal, CEO and Co-founder at Affine. "It will help create new learning capabilities that are more accurate and efficient." He further shared his thoughts on what's under the hood of Generative AI and how an enterprise or an individual can leverage its power to save time and maximize workflow productivity. Explore the power of Generative AI:
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Tuesday Blue's Day is celebrated with Blue-tiful laughter & Joy at Affine, Bengaluru HQ
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Generative AI can do more than just create content and creatives. Here is an interesting fact about Generative AI that you might not know!
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We recently conducted a LinkedIn poll to identify the promising use cases of Generative AI.
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We are thrilled to introduce you to GeneraX - made for humans! Explore how your business can leverage GeneraX.
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Generative AI Will Change Your Business. Here’s How to Adapt.
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Generative AI is poised to make a huge impact in the world of apparel, fashion, and luxury.
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How to Create Winning Customer Experiences with Generative AI?
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The continuity of Affine's growth knows no bounds - it's a never-ending progression to infinite possibilities.
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We recently conducted a LinkedIn survey on Generative AI to analyze which domains will benefit the most from this disruptive technology.
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Generative AI is the next big thing across industries that will change the way we work and live. The time to prepare and enter this new era is now.
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"Our people-first approach is what sets us apart and makes us a great place to work." Saloni Singh, HR Director at Affine.
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Our culture and values bring Affine to life. We all play our part in creating an environment where people love what they do and are empowered to shine. We are Affine!
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Recently, we conducted a LinkedIn survey to identify the major bottlenecks of AIOps implementation and gathered interesting insights!
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Do you know that on-demand users spend up to $57.6 Billion a year?
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The online travel industry is growing rapidly; its projected market size in 2023 is intriguing!
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