Announcing GeneraX – Affine’s Generative AI Product Suite

Introducing comprehensive Generative AI platform: your future-ready business solution from a leading AI innovator.

Vineet Kumar

Co-Founder, CEO US

Affine has a rich legacy of developing AI-powered solutions. Right from its inception, there has been a strong emphasis on not just developing superior quality solutions but enhancing our learning curves and innovation opportunities. This approach helped us open up new avenues to solve business problems effectively. Thus, it has been the single most important differentiator, allowing us to build production-grade AI solutions for several global businesses.

Our accolades from global AI hackathons across multiple industries are a testament to the depth of knowledge we have in AI while signifying our advanced practices. It should be noted that in hackathons like Datacentric AI, Hackerearth, and Kaggle hackathons, we were the only AI company that made a spot in the top percentile among dedicated academic researchers in the field.

In the World of NLP:

Affine’s mastery in leveraging Transformer technology is displayed well in our NLP solutions. We were able to combine our Deep Learning expertise with open-source technologies like BERT, RoBERTa, etc., to deliver ground-breaking solutions that helped organizations reduce a significant amount of manual effort and deliver more accurate results. Some of the most recent solutions we developed were – Document summarizer, Context-based enhanced search, and Contextual AI Chatbot. You can contact us to know how these solutions can help your business.

In the World of Vision:

Specialization in Stable Diffusion matured during the development of our Satellite Image Segmentation product – Telescope. We used Stable Diffusion to create synthetic data that could be used to train the Image Segmentation Model. Telescope was thus developed with the intent to save millions of dollars and months of effort that would go into land surveys in multiple industries. We also created a mechanism using GAN models to create new gaming characters.

The Upcoming Generative AI Product Suite – GeneraX

The last few months have witnessed the widespread adoption of Generative AI, such as Open AI’s GPT in text generation, Dall-E 2 for image generation, and Google’s Bard chatbot. Despite some limitations, these AI implementations are revolutionary and provide excellent results. However, they are not completely business ready. A significant effort is required to ensure that these implementations give professional-grade, meaningful, and usable outcomes to businesses.

The grueling hours of learning the in-depth working of different AI technologies have always been guided by our intent to build the best real-world solution that could be used and benefit businesses. Affine’s knowledge of how things work under the hood is coming together with GPT 3 and Dall-E 2 to create enterprise-level SaaS products. The GPT and Dall-E APIs have helped us speed up development, give wider scope and convert the boutique solutions we pride ourselves on into plug-and-play products.

We’re kicking off our Generative AI product suite – GeneraX – with CreAItive!


“Are you a marketer frustrated with the prolonged ideation of designing creatives? And you spend hundred-thousands of dollars to create marketing-ready creatives and get only a handful of variations. It’s time to get over this creative generation cycle. Introducing Affine’s Image Segmentation and Stable Diffusion powered CreAItive. It’s a one-stop-shop for design ideation, experimentation, and creation of 100+ market-ready images on the go at a fraction of time and cost.”

Are you ready to scale up your business with the power of AI? Watch out – this space for demo links and to gain access to the early adopter benefits on GeneraX!

For a product demo, contact us today!

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Vineet is an AI and Technology visionary with a passionate inclination to Data Science. Vineet's deep insight into the evolving technologies of the world drives the innovation focus in Affine's solutions, ensuring that the team is well-trained in the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow. His expertise transforms the decision-making process of Fortune 500 enterprises through the implementation of advanced analytics, AI, ML, and cloud solutions, powering innovations in AI, engineering, and the cloud, delivering transformation for businesses and their customers.

Vineet Kumar

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