75% of the U.S. Supply Chain is Disrupted due to Covid-19 Outbreak

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, how prepared are you to deal with the short-term challenges?
Tough times call for tough decision making; have you planned ways to overcome this complex situation yet?


Leading companies are leveraging balanced mix of big data, analytics and technology to more deeply understand consumers and drive their loyalty through every touch point. Affine’s analytical solution offerings which can help improve efficiency & effectiveness across various marketing activities are Market Spend Optimization, Campaign Management and Digital Marketing.

Affine’s Market Mix Models can determine the ROI delivered by various marketing channels. The models can be plugged into an optimization engine to determine the best way to deploy marketing capital.


Market spend optimization helps to find answer to the following questions: How to quantify the contribution of past marketing campaigns towards current revenue? How to attribute sales to a channel in a multi-channel scenario? How to measure the impact of advertising one SKU over the entire brand/category?


Market spend optimization helps in making the best use of given marketing budget by allocating the right budget across the right channels. It helps in making right decision with greater confidence and achieving the best conversion scenario for given investment.

Our solution encompasses a customized 360⁰ campaign management cycling from design, execution, measurement and learning from insights of past campaigns for future campaign designs.


Attribution of sales is difficult in a multi-channel marketing campaigns and hence measurement of effectiveness of the campaign is a challenge. Also, there is a need to learn from historical data of old successful and unsuccessful campaigns to design a successful campaign.


Campaign management helps in efficient planning and development of campaigns that generate high returns on investment. It also helps in planned execution of personalized campaigns across all channels of customer interaction while ensuring effectiveness.

Affine can help with the derivation of business metrics from complicated browsing data uncovering specifics of what digital marketing and website elements drive business and how other elements can be changed to impact sales.


Today’s marketing goes well beyond the bounds of the website. It’s the interaction between marketing channels and the outcome on the other side that provides the marketing insight. Hence, there is a need to understand how each marketing initiatives e.g. social media vs. blogging vs. email marketing etc. stack up against one another and drive the revenue.


Digital marketing analytics helps in engaging the customer real-time and learn from their behaviour. It helps in generating the clear and easy performance metrics to track and reach the expected returns on given investment. Also, it measures business metrics like traffic, leads, and sales, and which online events influence whether leads become customers.

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