Gaming companies need to face profound transformations to stay ahead in the competition. But before that, you need Development and In-game insight solutions for the studio work to identify loopholes and answer business queries based on a multi-dimensional data model. Affine’s analytical solutions help streamline this process while helping studios to track In-game player statistics, gamer matchmaking, cheat detection, gameplay enhancement recommendations, and cost optimization. We deliver digital and cognitive transformation in an agile and effective manner to meet the evolving gaming studio needs.


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A successfully laid out creative strategy for studio services includes next-level Graphic Engineering, UI/UX Design, Cloud Services, and Custom Services for High-tech Tools and Online Services. Affine helps you master in these service lines to achieve scalable results and optimize developing and implementing steps to boost the overall business growth.

Studios are committed to creating excellent gaming experience for gaming communities, however, utilizing Data and Advanced Analytics holds the key that sets a successful Studio from the rest. Affine can deliver end-to-end solutions for Gamer Lifecycle management while catalyzing higher gamer engagement and provide robust analytics solutions.


Game items are focused on functional value, such as weapons/time extensions, and enabling performance to increase the player time. Hence, In-game items need to focus on emotional value, such as clothing, hairstyles, and sound effects, that can change the aesthetic qualities and game environment to make the game more personalized for users.


Affine’s Creative Strategies helps to personalize a real-time recommendation engine used in In-game Data Analytics to enhance user appearance and image in both offline and online gaming scenarios. Also, enhance the In-game items to focus on the user’s emotional state to increase their self-esteem in the virtual world.

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