How can startups implement AI in their solution?

Dec 23, 2021

While building an AI strategy for startups may seem difficult, it has now become a necessity to gain a long-term competitive advantage. 

Given their limited resources, the benefits of integrating AI are more beneficial for startups. It is an excellent chance to automate, enhance, and simplify their operations. 

The following are some of the steps involved in a startup pivoting to integrate AI into their solution:  

  1. Discover - Identifying areas where AI can make a difference. 
  1. Define - Curating specific use cases that could lead to POC. 
  1. Prioritize - Prioritizing use cases that the team should focus on developing. 
  1. Develop – Getting your team geared up to develop a proof of concept.  
  1. Test and Validate - Testing and validation should be done internally and externally. There simply isn’t anything that replaces a client’s validation. 
  1. GTM - The solution’s final market introduction. 

Startups in different stages require a different approach. For example: 

  • An early-stage startup applies narrow AI solutions to tackle specific problems in the industry. 
  • A growth-stage startup uses AI solutions to enhance customer experience and drive more market share. 
  • An enterprise-stage startup integrates AI into its process for higher efficiency, productivity, or profit margins. 

Startups pivoting to adopt AI must ensure that all the necessary resources are in place for these pillars.  

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Ankit Agarwal

Director -Assetization


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