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Publishers and console vendors have constructed centralized platforms that allow for the purchase of games and interactions among gamers. Each day, Steam releases at least 25 new games. Therefore, the purchase processes are perpetual. Interaction and synergy among gamers are crucial for streamlining gamer behavior across games in the context of the gaming community as a whole. Affine aligns forecasts derived from platform usage to drive revenues. We identify profitable sub-markets within the gamer segments and tailor our solutions accordingly.


With Affine’s marketing prowess, the offerings are curated such that all marketing activities are optimized using a combination of content strategies and campaign analysis.


Affine’s Sales Analytics entrenches and builds real-time factual insights into the sales framework. These insights structure the identification and segmentation of target markets based on gamer patterns such as purchase records to tailor revenue models.

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10% surge in Average Revenue per User.

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Activate core functionalities to revisualize the gaming landscape in a data-driven manner using powerful APIs. Achieve customized extensibility.

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