Affine becomes a new Fellow at the  “Fisher Center For Business Analytics at Berkeley Haas”

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The FCBA-Affine Fellowship – Breaking new ground in Enterprise Analytics Research.

Affine Inc. announced that it has become a fellow with the “Fisher Center for Business Analytics” (FCBA) at the Berkeley Haas School of Business, University of California. The fellowship envisages research and wide-ranging dialogue with corporate participants and practitioners in areas related to enterprise strategies for Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. 

 Affine and FCBA will collaborate along multiple dimensions, from applications to methodologies, from governance frameworks to enterprise strategies – all with the objective of further defining the role of data sciences and allied technology in future-ready enterprises.  

The flagship event of the program will be an annual summit, discussing one or more key topics of industry interest in analytics,” said Manas Agrawal, CEO at Affine. “The potential theme for the summit could be along industry focus (Gaming, CPG, Logistics) or functional focus (Marketing in the digital economy) or technology focus (AI/ML at scale on cloud). We look forward to developing this into an ongoing knowledge event in the Affine-Academia collaboration.

The Fellowship aims to bring together the research power of FCBA and the industry experience of Affine to create new knowledge in different areas of advancements in analytics. The breakneck pace of innovation in analytics led by AI and cloud computing is also creating a large gap in the frameworks needed to harness this power at Enterprise Scale. The Affine-FCBA Fellowship will work towards generating this knowledge. 

Apart from working on joint projects in the most advanced areas of decision sciences and engineering (AI and Cloud), the collaboration will also explore new theories in areas like ownership of analytics in enterprise, right data, engineering strategy,, and the right partnership ecosystem for enterprises. 

Mr. Vasseur, executive director at FCBA added – “Connecting research, faculty, and students with enterprise business cases is the best way to transform world-class teaching experience and research into critical analytics skills. .” 

The convergence of researchers, practitioners, students, and consumers of this fascinating faculty of data sciences and engineering will break new ground

Affine and FCBA believe in the enormous value that industry-academia collaboration can create in the areas of AI/ML&DS, given the absence of legacy baggage, huge surge in enterprise demand, and prominent computational advances such as HPI, Cloud, Open Source, etc. The fellowship shall strive to contribute lasting knowledge to the ecosystem of practitioners and consumers alike. 


About Affine

Affine is a leading Enterprise Analytics Consulting Firm, working with more than 25 Fortune-500 global enterprises across USA, UK, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, offering capabilities across the continuum of analytical value chain – from Data Modernization to Insights Creation (AI/ML/DS/BI) and Transformation (deployment at scale). The 500 strong practitioners team collaborates with Academia, Enterprises and other technology providers to bring cutting edge solutions to industries like CPG, Gaming, Hi-Tech and Manufacturing.

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About the Haas School of Business

As the second-oldest business school in the United States, the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley has been a fountainhead of knowledge creation and dissemination across multiple faculties, from strategy to marketing and finance, including the new paradigm of decision making – AI/ML/DS.

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About the Fisher Center for Business Analytics

The Fisher Center for Business Analytics advances the creation of business value from data science. The Center pursues its vision through research, education, and accelerating the diffusion and adoption of analytics throughout all aspects of business and management. Their missions explore and design new data science applications, support data democratization, and establish the grounds for reasoned, wise, and inspired data governance.

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For More Information Contact:
Tanu Verma
Head of PR & Marketing Communications

Manas Agrawal

CEO & Co-Founder

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