Practice AI Vision

Affine's AI Practices is a robust innovation grid. It brings a wide range of expertise, enabling organizations to gain better transparency and accumulate valuable insights into their decision-making process.

The team has developed proprietary techniques that are ideally tailored as per the client's requirements and changing business needs of the industry with a sizable success rate in various Fortune 500 projects.

"At AI Practices, we address all business challenges from a unique outlook and build solutions that are always one step ahead of the traditional approach. Our expertise comprises different pillars, like R&D on advanced algorithms and intelligent, cutting-edge solutions, knowledge exchange for helping develop AI abilities, and packaging AI-based solutions at scale."

Experts behind the wheel of AI world

Dr. Param Jeet

Sr Director – Head of AI Practices

Balu R Nair

Principal - DSG

Dr Jayanth K Ajay

Senior Associate-DSG

Prateek Vridi

Consultant - DSG

Aditi Sharma

Sr Associate-DSG

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Manas Agrawal

CEO & Co-Founder

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