Real Time Computer Vision Ushering in a New Era in Speed and Agility

Computer Vision is proving to be extremely helpful in operations across businesses. The speed of production has gone up without compromising on the quality of the products.


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With rapid evolution in the compute engines and algorithms in AI, Computer Vision (CV) solutions are becoming increasingly more accurate and are seeing a high rate of adoption across industries. And, with the innovations that cloud partners like AWS provide for close-to-real-time computation, a lot of companies are integrating CV solutions to cater to all their on-site monitoring and surveillance needs. The technology is growing at a rapid rate and has a lot of potential to benefit a number of industries in significant ways. 

Impacting Organizational Operations with Real Time Capabilities

Computer Vision is proving to be extremely helpful in operations across businesses. The speed of production has gone up without compromising on the quality of the products. Today, as the scale and expectations around quality are going up, there is no to very little room left for errors. With CV, businesses are able to have an upper hand on monitoring the parts of supply chain in real-time. The technology is also helpful in enhancing accuracy in process control, product visibility and timely identification of lost inventory.

CV has made many factory-based jobs safer and more efficient than ever before. For example, missing safety gear or any presence in a restricted area can be detected and alerts generated in real time to save lives and property on the shop floor.

Also, there are many manufacturing jobs that demand manual quality check/control for defect identification. This can be erroneous, at times. With the deployment of CV machines, defects or errors in products can be tracked in real time, ensuring smooth quality assurance. 

Clearly, Computer vision is enabling organizations with speed, quality, safety, and efficiency. It is an idea whose time has come in the industrial sector.

Securing Nations and Citizens, Not Just Businesses

Computer Vision has been a revolutionary technology in the security segment. This applies to all the aspects of security – defence or business. The use of Computer Vision techniques such as facial recognition and biometric authentication has helped banks strengthen their security and deal with fraud. If we speak about manual security checks, it is nearly impossible to take care of safety and security in today’s time when things are moving with the blink of an eye. The cutting-edge technology of CV has made it easier for businesses quickly spot the error or risk. 

Implementation of CV has also been a phenomenal in the military. It has enabled armed forces to elevate their operations through surveillance with better security to soldiers and citizens. CV is also being used to power truly powerful autonomous military vehicles and weapons such as drones and robots. CV-based algorithms help in defining the target and deciding on prompt and appropriate action.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that CV has an augmenting impact, not only organizations and industries but entire nations and civilizations.

Reduction in Latency with Edge Computing

Latency is neither a new business issue nor a small one. But thanks to edge computing, things are resolving and marching in a better direction. Real Time Computer Vision has provided ground-breaking solutions, and edge has brought down the latency rate. The speed of alert and response generation is seen to be more than 5 times faster with the latency coming down from a few seconds to a few hundred milliseconds or even lower. This is a very huge technological accomplishment with far-reaching business implications.

Affine Leading the Way in Real Time Computer Vision

Affine is proud to share that it has been recognised as a Preferred Global Service Partner for AWS Panorama. With this collaboration, Affine’s expertise can be leveraged in the faster deployments of Computer Vision based applications, enhancing security, innovation, and business excellence.

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