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By treating voice of customer as a strategic business discipline, companies can finally run their customer experience initiatives with more impact and certainty. Customer service and support is the only key to effective customer lifetime management. Our solutions are Customer interaction management , Call Volume forecasting, Performance management and Attrition management.

Our solutions can help the business to understand the key opinions from the customers and their specific sentiment on each product/service.


With the emergence of multiple customer interaction points, the issue reporting and resolution management has become a challenge. There is a need to manage effective and efficient customer issue reporting and resolution that can be attained by effective workforce management at every customer support level.


Customer Interaction management helps to improve the process of customer query reporting and resolution. The continuous customer support helps in higher customer satisfaction. It also strengthens the positive brand perception.

Affine’s capabilities in forecasting and optimization can help plan call-center effort to minimize call-wait time while lowering costs.


Optimal staffing and scheduling of executives by analysis of service type requests as per the timing, frequency and date is challenging. Changing business environment necessitates looking at data beyond that on just historical transaction volumes, hence, there is a need for a robust forecasting mechanism.


Call volume forecasting helps in properly balancing customer support executive teams based on skill sets and forecasted call volume. This helps in achieving the optimal queue lengths for various call types, thus avoiding the customer wait time for priority calls and improving customer satisfaction.

Scientifically designed performance measurement and management system can help businesses drive desirable behaviour in their employees while promoting a sense of fairness and transparency.


Performance management is needed to relate rewards to performance via fair measurement of results/KPIs. There is a need to identify drivers of high performance to enable right recruitment and design optimal employee incentive schemes.


Performance management helps in right recruitment and design successful employee incentive schemes. It also helps to achieve clear identification of core competencies for staff and supervisors/managers hence leading to improvement in the overall performance level of employee.

Traits of attriting customers can be used to determine the best communication channels and messages that can be used to win them back.


Customer service staff attrition impacts customer service due to losing trained, proficient, and skilled staff. The cost of recruitment and training of a skilled agent is a huge expense. Hence identification of the current at risk employees is a must.


Employee attrition management helps in reducing recruitment and training overhead. Well trained retained staffs help in maintaining a stable and good quality customer service, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

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